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Don’t let noseeums invade your property!

Mosquitoes aren’t the only nuisance we have to live with in the state of Florida. We also have to live with the sand flea, also known as noseeums. This sand flea gets its nickname due to the fact that you can’t see them. These tiny fleas are so small, they can fit through a screen window or porch, so even in a covered area, you aren’t safe from the noseeums. These small biting fleas are actually quite similar to the mosquito.

What is a Noseeum?

The noseeums (Leptoconops torrens) belong to the Ceratopogonidae family and are about 1/16-inch long.

Like mosquitoes, only the female noseeums bite. The insects breed when the weather is warm, and they remain a pest in your yard. Also like the mosquito, they need a blood meal to complete their reproductive cycle.

The females inject saliva into the skin, which pools the blood just beneath the surface, resulting in a small red dot that becomes excruciatingly itchy. A single bite can welt into a one-or two-inch diameter spot, which lasts about two weeks.

How can we control the Noseeums?

For our clients that struggle with a noseeum problem and not as much of a mosquito problem, we highly recommend installing a misting system. This will allow you to control the times your system goes off so you can enjoy your outdoor space whether it is covered or not.

Our misting system is automatic and can be set so you have no break in treatment. While we do offer a barrier protection service that lasts up to 21 days, we recommend our continuous misting system for clients in areas like southeast Florida, where outdoor pests pose a significant problem for much of the year and remembering to reschedule a manual spray becomes a hassle.

Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 if you would like to discuss the issues you’re having with noseeums on your property!

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