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Mosquito Treatment for Commercial Properties

It’s something retail, hospitality, and other commercial property owners don’t think about until they’re in the thick of it, but mosquito season can negatively impact business. Even worse, the warmer months puts your customers and employees at risk for mosquito-borne illnesses. Yikes!

A Sound Investment

Does your restaurant have an outdoor patio? Do you manage a golf course, boat rental facility, or garden center? Has your hotel or banquet facility always relied on special event bookings for your outdoor spaces? Unfortunately, diminished foot traffic and decreased reservations happen when pests make it too unpleasant to be outside.

Mosquito Squad of Melbourne – Port Saint Lucie’s mosquito treatment program is extremely cost-effective, while helping you maintain your customer and employee base — and it controls ticks, as well!

Options to Meet Your Needs

Our traditional mosquito commercial treatment is EPA-registered and eliminates mosquitoes on contact, while ensuring widespread elimination of new mosquitoes for up to 21 days. Our proprietary formula is applied by licensed and trained technicians according to product label guidelines that provides protection for your staff and customers, including children and pets.

If you and your customers are looking for an natural solution, we have you covered. Our All-Natural Mosquito Control will repel the pests for up to 14 days, using a botanical blend that has proven effectiveness.

When you have large outdoor areas to protect often, our automated outdoor misting systems may suit to your needs. We also provide special event mosquito treatment, which is effective for up to 48 hours.


Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne- Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 or Alert the Squad to arrange an appointment and further discuss your commercial treatment options for mosquitoes and other harmful pests.

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