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Vero Beach Mosquito Control

How do we control the mosquitoes in your yard? It’s easy! We use a barrier treatment process that will cover your property front to back and eliminate 80-90% of the mosquitoes. Whether you’re looking to rid your yard of mosquitoes because you’re tired of them or you are looking to protect your family from the diseases they carry, we are happy to help.

Barrier Treatment

On the day of your treatment, one of our Mosquito Squad trained and licensed technicians will arrive at your property with backpack blowers filled with water-based product. We will treat your entire yard front to back targeting the foliage surrounding your property. Foliage surrounding your home and outdoor living spaces include shrubbery around and underneath decks and patios, fences, tall grass and low hanging vegetation.

We will treat areas where mosquitoes breed, feed and rest. When mosquitoes attempt to feed or rest on these treated surfaces, the residual spray will eliminate them. As you might imagine, some mosquitoes might wander into your yard and bite you before resting or feeding on a treated surface. However, you will find that the presence of mosquitoes is greatly reduced.

Automatic Misting System for Noseeums

For our clients that struggle with a noseeum problem and not as much of a mosquito problem, we highly recommend installing a misting system. This will allow you to control the times your system goes off so you can enjoy your outdoor space whether it is covered or not.

Our misting system is automatic and can be set so you have no break in treatment. While we do offer a barrier protection service that lasts up to 21 days, we recommend our continuous misting system for clients in areas like southeast Florida, where outdoor pests pose a significant problem for much of the year and remembering to reschedule a manual spray becomes a hassle.

If you’d like to learn more about our Vero Beach mosquito control services call us at (772) 210-4210!

Mosquito Prevention

At Mosquito Squad we don’t want to just eliminate the mosquitoes but we want to prevent them! We use a mosquito prevention call Larvicide. Larvicide is a pelletized product which our technicians apply to areas of standing water, such as small ponds, swamps, marshes and/or flooded areas. Treatment of these breeding habitats help reduce the adult mosquito population in nearby areas by preventing the mosquito larvae from becoming an adult mosquito.

Tick and Flea Protection

Ticks and fleas continue to be an issue across the U.S. and Florida is no stranger to them. Ticks carry disease that can easily be transmitted to your family or pets. Luckily, the barrier treatment we use for your mosquito control also works as a tick control treatment and can eliminate up to 95% of ticks on your property.

Following the same concept for mosquito control, we will treat surfaces that include shrubbery and foliage (avoiding flowers), around and underneath decks and patios, and tall grass. For this treatment, we will especially focus on the tall grass areas on your property since this is typically the habitat you can find them breeding, resting and feeding.

Give Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie a call at (772) 210-4210 to further discss your mosquito control or tick control needs. We look forward to helping you take your yard back!

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