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Can you tell the difference between a Mosquito Allergy and a Mosquito Bite Infection?

No matter where you were bit, it’s always uncomfortable to have red mosquito bites that itch and hurt and can turn into an infection or worse, you can find out you have an allergy. Each allergy and infection need to be treated differently, and the reaction from a mosquito bite is no different.

Mosquito Allergies

Mosquito bite reactions take a broad range of severity. While only some feel a slight itch or burn, for many others, it can be much worse. Severe swelling, bright red welts the size of a ping pong ball and even bruising are common, especially in small children when their skin is much more sensitive.

Different reactions can take many different paths. The most common reaction is known as “Skeeter Syndrome.” In these cases, there is severe swelling throughout the entire body part of the infected bite. Other symptoms include the bite becoming very hot or hard to the touch and can eventually blister and ooze open. Over the counter ointments and topical or oral antihistamines, cold compresses and elevation of the limbs are the best treatment for this type of reaction.

In infrequent occasions, a systemic reaction can occur, a similar reaction associated with bee stings. It is best for those with known systemic reactions to carry an Epi Pen at all times. If you or someone you know has a systemic reaction to a mosquito bite, please contact your healthcare provider immediately and get this person into an emergency room.

Mosquito Bite Infection

Unlike a mosquito allergy, a mosquito bite infection is not directly caused by the mosquito. The infection is caused by the one who continues to itch, itch, itch. The infection enters the body when the bite is continuously scratched, and it opens. Remember when mother warned you not to itch?

There are three main types of skin infections: Impetigo, Cellulitis, and Lymphangitis. Impetigo is caused by the staph or strep bacteria and will cause sores around the nose and mouth. This is more common with children. Cellulitis, also commonly caused by staph and strep bacteria will cause an infected area to become red, hot and swollen. Red streaks may form starting at the area as well. Fever, chills and swollen glands are symptoms of this infection. Lymphangitis will enter from a hole in the skin and infect the lymphatic system. These bacteria multiply quickly and find their way to the armpits and groin area where most of your lymph nodes exist.

Mosquito Prevention

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