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One-Time Vero Beach Event Mosquito Spray is Perfect for Outdoor Winter Activities & Hosting Guests

There is no such thing as winter in Vero Beach which is why we live here. Sure, we can have some cool nights and days here and there, but summer is year-round and with that comes year-round insects. While you may have asked us to pause our automatic mosquito barrier treatments for the cooler months, or you are not yet a Mosquito Squad customer, we are still spraying all winter long. In fact, our special event mosquito treatment is a perfect choice for winter guests or special occasions hosted at your home or business.

What is Special Event Mosquito Treatment?

Special event treatment is our same great mosquito barrier treatment applied to every area of your event venue.

If you choose event treatment for insect relief at your home this winter, we’ll pay particularly close attention to outdoor living areas such as patios, decks, and grassy play areas. We will work our treatment into and under all of the vegetation around the property where mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other non-beneficial flying insects spend the most time. We will work closely with you to make sure any special areas where activities will take place are treated with the utmost care, so we achieve maximum effectiveness for the duration of your event.

Northern Guests Want to Be Outdoors

While you may not be spending a ton of time outside this winter, if you are hosting guests from up north, they are certainly going to want to be outside. If you have family coming in for the holidays or to escape the winter cold in January or February, consider our event spray as a cost-effective way to create a mosquito-free, no-see-um-free, tropical outdoor oasis for your houseguests. Whether it is creating enjoyable evenings under the stars, afternoons by the pool, or all day sunning on the patio, make sure it is an insect-free zone for your family and friends.

Special event spray is a great choice for those important winter weekends, holidays, or events when family and friends will be visiting and you’ll be getting out in the yard more than usual. Our special event mosquito treatment will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes in your yard. Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie today to schedule your special event mosquito treatment. (772) 210-4210

The Difference Between Mosquito Squad’s Services & Your Local Mosquito Control District’s Services

Why do I need Mosquito Squad if the county is fogging?

In Florida, we have the worst mosquito problem in the nation. Due to the dangers of mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Zika Virus and more, many counties deploy a variety of mosquito control and mosquito surveillance programs. Indian River Mosquito Control District, Brevard County Mosquito Control District, and St. Lucie County Mosquito Control Districts are the big three that serve our area with mosquito aerial spray, mosquito fogging, mosquito larvicide treatment, mosquito source reduction, and mosquito surveillance. You may be wondering, why would I need Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port St. Lucie if my county has a mosquito control program? Read the differences between what we do and what they do to see if Mosquito Squad is right for you.

County Mosquito Control Services

Each mosquito control district offers different services, but in general, they have three main methods for reducing mosquito populations.

Mosquito Fogging
The most common mosquito control method you will see is nighttime mosquito fogging. The truck that drives around your neighborhood spraying for mosquitoes at dusk will eliminate adult mosquitoes that are out flying around right now. With each female mosquito eliminated, generations of mosquitoes are prevented.

Mosquito Larvicide
The mosquito control districts eliminate mosquitoes at the larval stage too with larvicide sprays and pellets. This eliminates mosquitoes in the larval stage as they are developing in standing water sources such as marshes and drainage ditches.

Mosquito Source Reduction
Reducing mosquito habitats or breeding grounds is the most effective method of mosquito control. This is achieved in numerous ways by Mosquito Control Districts, starting with the elimination of standing water in containers, so there is no source of nourishment for mosquito eggs, larvae, and pupae. Secondly, managing the water in salt marshes by keeping them flooded (known as Rotational Impoundment Management) eliminates the moist salt marsh beds where salt marsh mosquitoes lay eggs. Lastly, there are waste tire programs to collect and dispose of tires to limit the number sitting out collecting water where disease-spreading freshwater mosquitos like to lay their eggs.

Backyard Mosquito Control vs. County Mosquito Control Services

All of the mosquito control methods described above are fantastic ways to control mosquito populations on the Space Coast. However, these methods do not benefit individual homeowners as directly as Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control services for a couple of reasons.

County mosquito fogging sprayed from the street simply knocks down currently active mosquitoes in the air. It has no residual effects and will not control the mosquitoes that could be growing and breeding in your yard. The radius of this spray is generally only about 300 feet downwind from the truck. This fog cannot reach your backyard where you spend the most time outdoors.

While larvicide and source reduction helps the entire community as a whole, those who live closest to the salt marshes and other mosquito-infested areas benefit the most. But again, the treatment is not applied to private property and will not reduce mosquitoes that breed and grow on your property.

Mosquito Squad’s Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Squad offers two main methods of mosquito control for your home or business. Our most popular mosquito barrier treatment is sprayed manually by a technician who walks around your property with a back-pack sprayer. Our sprayers treat at 200mph, effectively penetrating the underbrush and vegetation where mosquitoes spend the most time. (Foggers put out a mist that eliminates mosquitoes in the air and then it is done.) The treatment is applied directly to the vegetation in your yard and has a time-released formula so it will continue to eliminate mosquitoes for up to three weeks. Our personal approach allows technicians to focus their work in areas where you spend the most time outdoors such as around your decks and patios as well as areas where mosquitoes could be a bigger problem.

Our second most popular product is an automatic mosquito misting system. Consisting of small discrete nozzles and nylon tubing hidden along your landscape, the system releases mosquito treatment 2-4 times a day, on a schedule that works for you. Our team will custom design the system so that the nozzles are in the best locations to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment creating mosquito-free outdoor living spaces. The main benefits of the system are year-round control whenever you need it, and extra control with the ability to manually trigger the spray whenever you need.

Our mosquito barrier treatment eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property, and automatic mosquito misting systems eliminate more than 90% of mosquitoes on your property if used consistently.

If you’d like to eliminate the mosquitoes on your property, call today! (772) 210-4210

For more information about local mosquito control districts:
Brevard County Mosquito Control District
St. Lucie County Mosquito Control District
Indian River Mosquito Control District

If You’re Scared of Sharks, This Will Really Make Your Skin Crawl

Living on the Space Coast means a fear of sharks might be at the top of your mind on a regular basis. As stories hit the news of shark bites at local beaches, like two shark bite incidents at Vero & Melbourne beaches this April, you may begin to fear even going in the water. But what if I told you that there are other animals much more dangerous to you and your family, right here on the Space Coast?

The Deadliest Animal on Earth

In fact, the deadliest animal on Earth resides in our coastal community in massive numbers. You might think sharks are scary, but sharks only kill 6 people per year, making them one of the least deadly animals that scare us. Crocodiles kill about 1,000 people per year, dogs kill over 17 thousand people per year, and humans kill over 500,000 people per year. Are you thinking twice about walking down the street where dogs or humans could happen to walk by?

With those alarming stats, you might think twice about your fear of sharks. But we still haven’t revealed the deadliest animal on Earth. Florida is the U.S. state where this animal is most abundant and yet you rarely hear of people worrying about the danger. More than a mere annoyance, mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on Earth! The latest complete states from 2015 show mosquitoes are responsible for 830,000 human deaths, in one single year! Spreading deadly diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Malaria, and Dengue fever, mosquitoes have the numbers and the disease spreading capability to do a great deal of damage in a very short amount of time.

While we work closely with determined groups like Malaria No More who fight to eliminate mosquito-caused death across the world, we want you to protect yourself from mosquitoes now. Avoiding mosquito bites is still the best way to prevent a mosquito-borne disease that could lead to illness or death. With our mosquito barrier treatment, special event spray, and automatic mosquito misting systems we can eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes on your property for a more enjoyable outdoor lifestyle.

Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie today to discuss what mosquito control solution is best for your property. (772) 210-4210

Trying to rid your yard of Noseeums? Follow these tips and tricks!

It’s a known fact; noseeums are a nuisance that we just can’t seem to get rid of here in Florida. Every year, we struggle to control the noseeums in our properties, creating barriers with screened in porches, lighting torches that might keep them at bay but each year we seem to end with the same solution: head inside.

That just isn’t fair. Why should we have to move indoors during the most beautiful time of the year?! Unfortunately, sometimes not even going inside can help you escape these annoying pests. Because they are so small, they can easily fit through a screen, which means you aren’t even safe when you choose to sit under a covered porch.

Controlling noseeums in your yard can be easy as following a few easy tips and tricks!

  1. Get rid of unsealed water containers – Water sources are a vital part of a noseeums life cycle. Female midges lay eggs on surfaces containing moisture. For this reason, remove of seal the water containers on your property.
  2. Use noseeums screens for when you’re indoors – Use screens or netting designed with smaller mesh to prevent female noseeums from entering your covered porch or home.
  3. Turn on your ceiling fan – Just like mosquitoes, noseeums have a hard time flying in the wind. Creating a constant wind inside your covered porch will keep the noseeums at bay.
  4. Dim the lights – Female noseeums are attracted to light, so when you can dim or turn the lights off. Not only will you avoid some noseeums, but you’ll also, in turn, save some money on your energy bill!
  5. Treat your yard – Although following these tips and tricks will keep noseeums from entering your home, you’re not always safe outside. We install automatic misting systems for your property to not only keep noseeums at bay but to get rid of them all together.

You can take your yard back from noseeums. It just takes patience, consistent yard work or just calling The Squad! We’ll install, fill, maintain and repair your automatic misting system whenever you need us to. Give Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie a call at (772) 210-4210 to discuss your need to control the noseeums on your property.

Can you tell the difference between a Mosquito Allergy and a Mosquito Bite Infection?

No matter where you were bit, it’s always uncomfortable to have red mosquito bites that itch and hurt and can turn into an infection or worse, you can find out you have an allergy. Each allergy and infection need to be treated differently, and the reaction from a mosquito bite is no different.

Mosquito Allergies

Mosquito bite reactions take a broad range of severity. While only some feel a slight itch or burn, for many others, it can be much worse. Severe swelling, bright red welts the size of a ping pong ball and even bruising are common, especially in small children when their skin is much more sensitive.

Different reactions can take many different paths. The most common reaction is known as “Skeeter Syndrome.” In these cases, there is severe swelling throughout the entire body part of the infected bite. Other symptoms include the bite becoming very hot or hard to the touch and can eventually blister and ooze open. Over the counter ointments and topical or oral antihistamines, cold compresses and elevation of the limbs are the best treatment for this type of reaction.

In infrequent occasions, a systemic reaction can occur, a similar reaction associated with bee stings. It is best for those with known systemic reactions to carry an Epi Pen at all times. If you or someone you know has a systemic reaction to a mosquito bite, please contact your healthcare provider immediately and get this person into an emergency room.

Mosquito Bite Infection

Unlike a mosquito allergy, a mosquito bite infection is not directly caused by the mosquito. The infection is caused by the one who continues to itch, itch, itch. The infection enters the body when the bite is continuously scratched, and it opens. Remember when mother warned you not to itch?

There are three main types of skin infections: Impetigo, Cellulitis, and Lymphangitis. Impetigo is caused by the staph or strep bacteria and will cause sores around the nose and mouth. This is more common with children. Cellulitis, also commonly caused by staph and strep bacteria will cause an infected area to become red, hot and swollen. Red streaks may form starting at the area as well. Fever, chills and swollen glands are symptoms of this infection. Lymphangitis will enter from a hole in the skin and infect the lymphatic system. These bacteria multiply quickly and find their way to the armpits and groin area where most of your lymph nodes exist.

Mosquito Prevention

At Mosquito Squad of Melbourne- Port Saint Lucie, we strive to keep you informed about all things that will keep your protected from mosquitoes and their nasty bites. That’s why we also hope to be apart of your efforts in preventing mosquitoes on your property with our barrier treatment or misting system. Our professional, time-release mosquito control treatment will eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard. Keep your yard mosquito-free with us by scheduling your first treatment today! Give us a call at (772) 210-4210, and we’ll happily give you a free quote.

Mosquito Survival Guide for The Treasure Coast

Let’s face it, mosquitoes are everywhere we go. At a restaurant sitting on the patio outside with a friend, in your backyard while you’re enjoying a new book and even at the soccer field while you watch your kids get some exercise. There is no way around getting rid of mosquitoes; until now.

At Mosquito Squad, we’re experts at getting rid of mosquitoes. That’s why we want to share our survival guide with you!

Mosquitoes need fresh water to reproduce. *Reduce standing water* to eliminate mosquito threats, including those in children’s sandboxes, wagons, and toy trucks; underneath and around downspouts, in plant saucers and dog bowls. Other hot spots include tarps, gutters, and flat roofs.

Toss excess grass clippings, leaves, firewood and other yard debris from your yard & garden. *Mosquitoes like cool shady places to get out of the heat of the sun.*

Turn over larger items that could hold water like *children’s swimming pools or sand buckets.* If it is a bird bath that is meant to have water, dump and clean it out every 3-4 days to avoid mosquito breeding.

If tarps stretched over firewood piles, boats or sports equipment aren’t taut, they’re holding water. Remove or tighten tarps.

Take care of home maintenance needs that can contribute to standing water. Asses areas where pool of water may form such as faucets, drains, uneven sod and hoses.

Despite taking all precautions in your own home, talking with neighbors is a key component to mosquito and tick control. Townhomes and homes with little space between lots mean that mosquitoes can breed at a neighbor’s home, and wonder into your property.

Utilize a mosquito elimination barrier treatment around the home and yard. Using a barrier treatment at home reduces the need for using DEET-containing bug spray on the body. "Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie":http://melbourne-portstlucie.mosquitosquad.com eliminates up to 90% of the mosquitoes and ticks on your property with our mosquito barrier treatment.

Utilizing these tips and tricks in your yard will ensure you are reducing the mosquito population. Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 to get started on a barrier treatment plan that works for you.

Debunking Mosquito Repelling Methods

Every summer across the U.S. backyards hosts many gatherings; from small dinner parties to big BBQ bashes. But one thing that always seems to make it to the party are mosquitoes, even with those citronella candles and tiki torches, or the mosquito coils, they find themselves invited for the meal. Don’t let silly mosquito repellent gimmicks fool you this summer! We’re here to debunk the mosquito repelling myths of citronella candles, mosquito coils, mosquito wristbands and mosquito bracelets.

Mosquito Repellent Method One: Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are made with a citrus essential oil that is known to repel mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the candle is typically too small to be powerful enough to repel the mosquitoes in your entire yard. You’re also risking guests that have asthmatic tendencies that the citronella candle aggravates, not good!

Mosquito Repellent Method Two: Mosquito Coils

A mosquito coil is designed to work as an incense, you light it on fire, blow the flame out, and it continues to smoke throughout the evening. The only downfall to these mosquito coils is that you’re not supposed to inhale the smoke, so you have to keep them at a distance, potentially not even protecting you and your loved ones from the mosquitoes that venture into your yard!

Mosquito Repellent Method Three: Mosquito Wristbands

Mosquito wristbands are a wearable mosquito repellent that is impregnated with peppermint oil, a natural resource for repelling mosquitoes. The only default to these wristbands is that they only cover your wrists and potentially your arms. The peppermint oil isn’t powerful enough to create a barrier for the entire body.

Mosquito Repellent Method Four: Mosquito Zapping Rackets

Although somewhat fun, these mosquito rackets take a lot of work to run around zapping every mosquito you see in mid-air. You’ll be working all night to keep the mosquitoes at bay from your family and friends! Not a good way to enjoy your backyard get-together.

Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie has a proven mosquito control that will protect you by eliminating 85-90% of adult mosquitoes on contact with our barrier treatment and will prevent mosquito eggs from hatching with our prevention treatment. Our goal is to keep your family and friends protected from mosquitoes this summer!

Give us a call to start discussing your mosquito control needs at (772) 210-4210. We’ll help you fight the bite!

The Life Cycle of a Mosquito

What do you know about The Mosquito Life Cycle? Mosquitoes reproduce at a very rapid pace and when they hatch there isn’t just one, there are hundreds. To help understand how the mosquito survives we have to first know what their life cycle is.

The mosquito has a four stage life cycle; The Egg, larva, pupa and finally the adult.

Stage 1: The Egg

Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs. These eggs get laid in a cluster that acts as a raft that floats on top of the water. With the right weather conditions these eggs will hatch in 1-5 days. Eggs need still, shallow water to survive. The eggs can survive for up to 7 years before they hatch if the weather permits this.

Stage 2: The Larva

As soon as the mosquito egg hatches it becomes a larva. The larvae live in water while they molt four times, growing in size each time. Molting is the act of shedding a layer of skin or shell to reveal new skin. The larvae are fully-grown anywhere from 2-14 days depending on the species of the mosquito and the water temperature the eggs were hatched in.

Stage 3: The Pupa

The larva stage results in the pupa stage. The purpose of the pupa is to allow the mosquito to go through metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is the transformation from the immature mosquito form to an adult mosquito form. During this stage the pupa does not feed. The pupa’s body goes through a lot of changes. Adult tissues and the digestive system begin to be built along with legs, wings and eyes. The pupa stage lasts 1-3 days depending on temperature. As the adult mosquito emerges, it floats on the water allowing its body to harden and its wings to expand before flying away.

Stage 4: The Adult

When comparing the female and male mosquito, you can see a number of different characteristics but the biggest distinction is the large, bushy antennae on the male mosquito. Although the male mosquito is easily distinguished, the female mosquito is the more infamous of the two. She is the only one of the two that bites and feeds on blood. The female mosquito searches for pray using their antennas to guide them toward carbon dioxide. Once she finds her pray she feeds. Female mosquitoes need blood for protein for their eggs, which is why they, in turn, bite humans and large animals.

If you’re tired of cutting your night outside early due to a swarm of mosquitoes in your yard, we can help! Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 to learn more about our residential barrier treatment. We can help eliminate up to 80-85% of mosquitoes in your yard this summer.

The Mosquito Squad Difference

With the mosquito season in full force, it’s important to protect your family. But how do you know what mosquito control company to use with so many options? We’re here to help you make the right decision!

Make sure to ask these questions when compiling your research.

What type of products do they use and offer?

Some companies use the least expensive product, and we can promise you that you’ll unfortunately see and feel the results of it. These products have a residual effect that typically only last one to two weeks. Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie uses the best products available throughout the entire season. We create our treatment mix from 5 products that will effectively control the mosquito population.

How long does the treatment last?

Because some companies use a cheaper product, this also means it is less effective for a shorter period. With rain also comes a dramatic reduction of product that is on your yard. Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment is a time release formula that is designed to last for up to 28 days. As long as the treatment has 20 minutes to dry, it will unlikely wash away with the rain and will remain effective for that 3-week period.

Is the service backed by a guarantee?

At Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie, we stand behind our barrier treatment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you notice an unusual increase in mosquito activity on property in between treatments just give us a call and we’ll come back out. To ensure you’re getting the best control on your property we will also make personal visits to look at standing water and problem areas where mosquitoes could be breeding and resting that we were unaware of when you first signed up.

Do they only perform one-time treatments or do they offer seasonal packages?

Some companies only charge you one time, every time you decide to have a treatment completed. We want to meet all our client’s mosquito control needs so, whether you are interested in having a one-time treatment or you are signing up for the season, we can help you get the right quote for your property. Our pricing is based on the acreage of your property to give you the most accurate quote.

Our goal is to protect your family and friends from the annoyance and dangers of mosquitoes because we know and understand how important it can be. Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 to discuss your mosquito control needs. We will help you fight the bite and finally take back your yard!

Weddings, 4th of July BBQ's or Small ‘Get-Togethers' – We'll help you fight the bite!

Picture this: You’ve done it, your whole event is completely planned, and you’re preparing for the big weekend ahead when all of a sudden you hear a buzzing that’s getting closer… closer… closer… Ouch! Ugh, dang mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes can quickly turn your perfectly planned event into an uncomfortable setting for you and your guests. Don’t worry; we can help! At Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie, we offer a one-time special event treatment that will protect your guests throughout the day and long into the evening.

As the host, you should be free to enjoy the day or evening mingling with family and friends, not worrying whether everyone has enough bug spray or keeping tiki torches lit to reduce the number of mosquitoes on the property.

Planning around your event

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a backyard BBQ, we will work around your event schedule to ensure you get the best mosquito protection and coverage.

We will eliminate and significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes at your special event with our barrier spray. By targeting the surfaces that include shrubbery and foliage (avoiding flowers), around and underneath decks and patios, fences, tall grass, and low hanging vegetation mosquitoes are eliminated on contact.

Typically, we ask that the treatment is applied long before any food or dinnerware are set out, the application will completely dry within 30 minutes, leaving no odor or visible residue. To meet the needs of all of our customers, we will even come out a day early if that is what you so desire.

Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 to discuss your special event treatment now! We are happy to be a part of your perfectly planned event!

The First Zika Case of 2017

The Treasure Coast sees its fist Zika case of the year. Confirmed in the Indian River County last week, the first case is a travel-related infection, according to the Florida Department of Health. In total the state of Florida has had 50 cases this year.

Although this is a travel-related infection, Zika can be transferred from one human to another by another mosquito, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The primary concern with the Zika virus is that it can cause microcephaly in pregnant women.

Only about 1 in 5 people who are infected will show symptoms of Zika illness. Symptoms vary but can include rash, fever, joint pain, conjunctivitis (pink eye), muscle pain and headache. Lasting several days to a week, symptoms are usually mild. If you think you could are infected with Zika, call your doctor to get tested.

Mosquito Control in your yard

At Mosquito Squad we don’t want to just help you keep the nuisance of mosquitoes out of your yard, we also want to protect your family from the dangers they pose. We offer a mosquito barrier treatment that will eliminate up to 85-90% of the mosquitoes in your yard. Focusing on treating the foliage around your property where mosquitoes like to rest, we can eliminate them on contact and for the next 3 weeks due to our product having a residual effect.

For our customers that want to be in control of their mosquito control, we also offer the mosquito misting system. The automatic misting system releases short bursts of the product up to four times a day. The spray coats the foliage on your property to continuous eliminate mosquitoes.

To keep your family protected all season long or longer with our barrier treatment or misting system, give Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie a call at (772) 210-4210. We’ll give you a free quote and discuss all our options with you.

Mosquito Facts

Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz?

Believe it or not there is another reason mosquitoes buzz besides annoying you. It’s actually important to help them find a mate. Mosquitoes can actually change their buzz to find an ideal mate. They will sing to each other and change their pitch to find a perfect match. If their buzz matches well enough they will mate.

What do Mosquitoes Eat?

Only the female mosquito bites for a blood meal however both male and females feed on a variety of plants. They feed on the nectar of plants to get sugar for nourishment.

Where do Mosquitoes live?

Mosquitoes like a place to hang out during the heat of the day and live in cool damp places. They hang out on the leafy tissue on the bottom of those plants and tree bark to protect themselves from the rain. They also like clogged gutters with leaves or gutters that don’t drain properly. Mosquitoes are not strong flyers and can be carried by wind and move in an area about an acre where they were born.

How Much Water Does a Mosquito Need?

A mosquito can lay eggs inside something as small as a bottle cap of water. Any small amounts of water that puddle or collect after rain or with the use of irrigation systems and sprinklers is considered standing water and can be a major problem.

The 5 Worst States for Mosquitoes

Mosquito season varies from year to year depending on temperature, moisture and other conditions but the worst states have the shortest winters that increases the breeding season which puts them in the top 5. Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance but can be a major health concern, no matter where you live. Believe it or not, more people die from Malaria each year than by auto accidents and cancer combined. You’re probably not likely to contract Malaria anytime soon but other diseases like West Nile, Hepatitis and Zika are transmitted by mosquitoes all over the US.

Here are the Top 5 most mosquito-ridden states in the country this time of year:

5. North Carolina – Both of the Carolina’s have a mosquito problem but Charlotte ranks among the worst in U.S. due to the higher population .
4. Georgia – Georgia is hot and humid come summer, and the bugs love it.
3. Louisiana – It comes as no surprise that the Bayou is a haven for mosquitoes. The swampy grasslands attract all kinds of mosquitoes.
2. Texas –The Lone Star State with its humid summers actually has the most cases of West Nile Virus in the country so Texas is a bad place to get bitten.
1. Florida – Florida is known for their beaches but also have more “skeeters” than any other state in the U.S. Between the humid temperatures and lots of standing water Florida is a haven for bugs.

Many property owners wait until they see a swarm of mosquitoes however it’s never too early to treat your property! (772) 210-4210

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