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Mosquito & Noseeums Automatic Misting System

Struggling with insects can be dreadful when trying to enjoy an evening on your patio or deck with family and friends! If you’re someone that struggles to control your noseeums and mosquitoes, then we highly recommend installing an automatic misting system. This will allow you to control the times your system goes off so you can enjoy your outdoor space whether it is covered or not.

Our misting system is automatic and can be set so you have no break in treatment. While we do offer a barrier protection service that lasts up to 21 days, we recommend our continuous misting system for clients in areas like southeast Florida, where outdoor pests pose a significant problem for much of the year and remembering to reschedule a manual spray becomes a hassle.

How does the automatic misting system work?

Our specially trained team will install the system, and set it up to automatically release short bursts of the product up to four times/day. The spray coats your foliage, where mosquitos feed. When the pests come to snack on your greenery, they are either eliminated or repelled by the invisible barrier, depending on the barrier protection you choose. You’ll enjoy more than 90% fewer mosquitoes on your property for continuous outdoor enjoyment.

Authorized MistAway Vendor

Are you looking for repairs, maintenance or refills for your automatic misting system? Mosquito Squad wasn’t the company that installed it? No problem! We want to help ensure your yard and family stays protected. That’s why we are happy to service your automatic misting system for you.

Call Mosquito Squad of Melbourne-Port Saint Lucie at (772) 210-4210 to discuss your misting system needs. Whether you need repairs, refills or maintenance, we can help you take your yard back!


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